An English speaking french wedding planner to organize your wedding near Paris: Ile-de-France, Oise.

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Planning to marry near Paris ?

Maybe you are already living in France and one or the two of you are not yet familiar with the French langage ? Or maybe you are living abroad and plan to marry near Paris ? What a very good idea ! The close surroundings reveal all kinds of venues, everything you could possibly dream of, from enchanted barn to romantic castle. The perfect place to celebrate your love with a French touch.

How to organize a wedding in France?

Do you encounter some difficulties when trying to understand French legislation about weddings ? Asking questions to venue ? Deciphering the caterer menu options ?  I am an English speaking French wedding planner… I can certainly help you ! I would be delighted to help with your beautiful project and can unlock for you the secret code of planning a wedding with a team of great French providers !

From elopement to multi-day wedding

Whatever the size of gathering you would like, I can make it happen: 

Tell me all about your wedding project

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